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Little by little,

one walks far

Peruvian proverb

 Our unwavering commitment to responsible travel drives the promotion of sustainable development in the destinations where we operate.
We are dedicated to minimizing negative impacts and maximizing positive contributions to the local environment and communities in Cusco region. At the heart of our values, responsible travel is more than a choice—it's our guiding principle.
All of our treks and experiences employ sustainable travel principles for a meaningful experience in Peru.

Travelling by foot is a wonderful way to experience the magical Andean mountains of Peru and appreciate the ancient inka culture. Trekking to Machu Picchu can be just as rewarding as seeing the citadel itself. However, it is possible to enjoy the spectacular sites by car, bus or train.
We want to take you on a journey that gives you an authentic taste of Peru. Trekking and camping in the mountains is something almost anyone can do, and our aim is to make the adventure as comfortable as possible. Don't worry if you are short on time or cannot walk - together we will create an experience that suits your specific needs. We offer short and long treks, as well as other means of transportation.
Our focus is on having the best camping equipment, comfortable transportation options and the highest degree of safety. Our guides are extremely knowledgable and passionate and our chefs cook delicious peruvian meals along the way. We strive to leave as little footprint as possible in nature, to choose eco-friendly equipment and organic food. 
Because we have many years of experience, we have put together a few packages that take you off the beaten track to let you enjoy the splendor of the Andes at your own comfort. We also put together packages based on your wishes - so whatever headlines your bucket list, drop us an e-mail, relax and allow us to create your journey of a lifetime! 
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