The secret language of the Inkas

Most people believe that the Inkas spoke Quechua, while others will say that they spoke the Aymara language, however just a few people know that the language of the first Inkas that arrived at Cusco was not either of these two languages. In fact, an older and distinguished language was recognized by the first Spanish chroniclers as a secret language that only the royal Inka families were permitted to use. The Divine Language of the Inkas: The Inka Garcilazo de la Vega, in his book Los Comentarios Reales, tells us "the Inkas had a particular language that only the royal class can speak and the rest of the kingdom did not understand. It was also forbidden to learn it." Inka Garcilazo de la V

Did You Know That Peru and the United States Almost Went to War?

The gold fever in California had its highest peak in 1848. Between January 1 and June 30, 1849, more than 10,000 immigrants from Chile, Mexico, and Peru arrived in San Francisco, the most important port. Problems such as hunger and the spread of disease and criminals multiplied. The Peruvians not only were searching for gold, they were merchants and owners of boats. In Lima, Peru, the newspaper El Peruano published dramatic articles on this situation. The Peruvian citizens who were facing difficulties in California asked President Ramón Castilla for his protection. Peru was able to send the brigantine warship "Gamarra" to the coasts of California and in 1848 the president allowed the warship

Machu Picchu: discover a new Inka Trail and a tunnel hidden for 500 years.

A new section of the Inka Trail has been recently discovered by researchers at the National Archaeological Park of Machu Picchu. It is an impressive archaeological discovery, in which there is an immense tunnel through the rock that remained hidden for more than 500 years. As indicated by the Decentralized Direction of Culture of Cusco, the new section of road leads to the area of Wayraqtambo, or Tambo de los Vientos, located on the back of the mountain where the citadel of Machu Picchu stands. This is between the archaeological sites of Wiñay Huayna and Intipata, which form part of the present Inca Trail. The section that was discovered is one and a half kilometers long with a width varying

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