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The secret language of the Inkas

Most people believe that the Inkas spoke Quechua, while others will say that they spoke the Aymara language, however just a few people know that the language of the first Inkas that arrived at Cusco was not either of these two languages. In fact, an older and distinguished language was recognized by the first Spanish chroniclers as a secret language that only the royal Inka families were permitted to use.

The Divine Language of the Inkas:

The Inka Garcilazo de la Vega, in his book Los Comentarios Reales, tells us "the Inkas had a particular language that only the royal class can speak and the rest of the kingdom did not understand. It was also forbidden to learn it." Inka Garcilazo de la Vega says that this language was lost at the fall of the Inkan empire. Another theory of why this secret language was lost was that is disappeared during the conversion of the Inkas and their kingdom to the Catholic religion. At this time, King Carlos of Spain ordered the immediate evangelization of the Inkan kingdom and it is known that only two languages, Quechua and Aymara, were used after this time. This left aside the mysterious Puquina language because only the royal Inka class used it.

For many experts and historians, this language would be a very old version of Quechua or a very old Aymara, however the Peruvian linguist Rodolfo Cerron believes that this was an unique language that would be known as Puquina.

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