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PERU: the new international food destination.

Peruvian Ceviche

What is Peruvian cuisine?

Peruvian food is a marvelous combination of Spanish cuisine with traditional Peruvian ingredients, including later influences from immigrants originating from China, Italy, France, West Africa and Japan. Peruvian cuisine is delicious and reflects the diverse cultural history of Latin America. Like many other expressions of Peruvian culture, the cuisine itself goes back to pre-Inka times.

Where did it originate?

According to the chronicles of the Inkas, there was a group of chefs whom prepared food for the royal family. During this period the food cons

isted of corn, potatoes, squash and animal products such as birds, llamas and deer. The Inkas had native fruits such as bananas, papayas, avocados and pineapples. Seafood was popular in coastal regions where there was a large variety of fish. Even then, the food was vast and exotic. 'Aji' was the most popular seasoning and you can still find it in Peruvian cuisine today.

Foreign influences

Immigrants from Europe added meats such as beef, chicken and rabbit. The Spanish brought grapes, olives and a variety of new fruits and vegetables, as well as sugar cane which resulted in a variety of desserts.

After the Peruvian independence from Spain, the cuisine was influenced by an influx of Chinese immigrants. Another form of Peruvian food is Peruvian Creole.

Peruvian cuisine today

The history of Peruvian cuisine is divided into two periods: before Gastón, a famous Peruvian chef, and after Gaston. He has managed to own about 50 restaurants in different countries all over the world. Thanks to this Peruvian chef, Peruvian food is now internationally renowned.

Peruvian cuisine tours

We have established a connection with many renowned culinary places in Lima and Cusco and can easily organize a variety of food tours to the places.

You can also interact with local chefs during a Peruvian cooking class or have an adventure in learning how to prepare a Peruvian dish at a local restaurant in Lima or Cusco.

Inka Power is passionate about Peru and passionate about food. Who better to guide you through a true adventure of Peruvian cuisine than us?


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