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Travel safely in Peru with Inka Power

At Inka Power, we care about your safety and that of your family. After many long months without being able to travel, we're sure you're eager to make your way to other countries as soon as you're able. When you’re ready to travel again, we’ll be ready to make your trip as safe as possible.

Your safety has always been our number one priority whether you are trekking, camping, exploring the city, or visiting small towns. With the current global situation, we have been working hard to adapt and implement biosecurity measures to all of our tours to ensure that you can enjoy your time in Peru with as little risk as possible.

Some of the new measures we have implemented include:

1. Private, never shared transportation

2. An itinerary involving many out-of-the-way and little visited places

3. Private catering on most trips

4. Hand sanitizer and soap and water will be available at all times you are with us

5. Guides and office staff are specially capacitated in COVID-19 biosecurity measures and proper hygiene

6. Frequent health screening for all of our staff (we will provide paid vacation leave to any staff presenting COVID-19 symptoms to ensure they don’t come in contact with the public)

7. All guides have 24-hour access to our expert medical advisor should the need arise

As the official recommendations and guidelines from the government of Peru and other health bodies around the world continue to change, we will constantly update these measures to protect your health and safety during your time in Cusco.


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