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Why you MUST visit Peru?

It’s the time of year you promise to do everything, from lose weight, work less and spend more time with the loved ones. Bucket lists are being made, re-written or added to. Every year it seems to be the same, we have good ideas and the best intentions. It happens to all of us!

There is one very special one. It may be on your list and may have been there a while: TRAVEL TO PERU! Peru is booming right now! Tourist arrivals are increasing year on year, not just to see the incredible archaeological sites but also to experience the fascinating culture, amazing cuisine, friendly people and breath taking scenery. In fact, the number of tourist visiting Peru has increased at over 10% per year for the past 5 years, and it’s still rising.

Anyway, to keep on track about why you need to travel to Peru in 2018, I have compiled a list of my top reasons.

Peruvian Gastronomy

Peruvian Gastronomy continues to impress the

world with it’s fantastic variety and flavors. Voted yet again as the world’s number one culinary destination by the prestigious World Travel awards, Peru also features prominently in the San Pellegrino list of top restaurants in the world in 2016 with Central at number 4, Maido at number 13, with the legendary Astrid and Gaston also making the list.

Machu Picchu and Incan Archeological sites

With the growing number of tourists having access to the incredible site of Machu Picchu, there has been a need for tighter controls. Over the coming years this is expected to get stricter, with set times put in place for people to visit the site, mandatory group tours and increased crowds. We anticipate 2018 may well be your last chance to explore before these controls are put in place. However, don’t be alarmed, Peru continues to unearth more and more incredible ruins year on year, from Caral on the coastal plain to Chachapoyas in the northern mountains. There are sites to explore over the whole country.


Looking for a complete culture change or even colourful festivals? Perhaps you love photography and want to capture some incredible colours and local customs? Look no further. Peru has festivals nearly every month, from the legendary Inti Raymi to Virgen de Candelaria and Senor de los Milagros- just to name a few. Chances are there will be something on when you want to travel.


From high Andean mountains, coastal desert, cloud forests and the steamy Amazon, Peru has it all. In fact, did you know that 80% of the world’s microclimates can be found in Peru? Something to check out for sure!


Sure, we have all heard about the African Savannah for wildlife, but how about spotting one of over 3000 species of bird in Peru? Looking for big cats, caimans, boas and anacondas in the Amazon? Why not stand at the foot of the Cotahuasi Canyon (twice as deep as the grand canyon) and spot the majestic Andean Condor in flight? Maybe marine mammals is more your thing? Spot whales off the coast, swim with sea lions in Paracas. An extra bonus: yoga & stand up paddle in the Andean lakes.

A trip to Peru will eclipse all other travel plans you may currently have. Peru has it all!


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