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Choquequirao peru machupichu
Choquequirao peru machupichu
Choquequirao peru machupichu



The Choquequirao trek is a spectacular hike that passes through many different varieties of
micro-climates, small traditional villages and colorful mountains. The trek takes us throug the mighty Apurimac Canyon, and the spectacular views will make us understand why Apurimac is Quechua for "the god who speaks".
Choquequirao, or "the cradle of gold", is located on the top of the Apurimac Canyon with stunning views of the valley. This important Inka site is considered the last bastion of resistance and refuge of the Inkas, after the Spanish arrived to Cusco. As not many tourists go here, this is an amazing alternative or addition to Machu Picchu, where you can truly appreciate the greatness of Inka architecture at your own leisure.
Duration: 4 days (5 days and 8 days possible)
Activity level: hard
Season: All year



Day 1 – Cusco – Santa Rosa



We will drive early in morning for 4 hours passing a village called Cachora and continue until Capuliyoc which sits about 2,900 meters above sea level. From here we will have a privileged view of the Apurimac valley and in the distance we will be able to catch a glimpse of the Inka citadel of Choquequirao. With this splendid view, we descend for around 4 hours to Playa Rosalinda at 1550 masl. We have our lunch at the bank of the mighty Apurimac river, which is the beginning of the Amazon river. After lunch we hike the steap hill up to Santa Rosa where we set up camp. With our dinner we may sample some sugar cane extract locally known as “Cambrai” before hitting the sleeping bags in the midst of rollng green hills and cosy family farms. 



Day 2 – Santa Rosa - Choquequirao



We begin the day with a wholesome breakfast and continue ascending for one hour to the small village of Maranpata. The following two hours are a bit easier, and Choquequirao is soon in sight. We have the entire day to explore this incredible archaeological complex. Even though only 30% of the constructions have been rescued, the remains of the citadel are breathtaking. Together with our guide we walk through large stone enclosures and numerous terraces, learning more about this amazing cultural, religious and agricultural center. After a picnic among the ruins, we head back to Maranpata, where we set camp and enjoy a delicious dinner under the stars. 



Day 3 – Marampata - Huanipacca



Today we walk for 6 hours until we reach Chisquisca. First we decend in to a valley that takes us back to a zigzag path through the walls of the Apurimac Canyon and finally we start climbing up again to the small village of Huanipaca, where we camp for the last night.



Day 4: Huanipaca to Cusco



After a delicious breakfast,  hiking for 2:30 hours to reach Capuliyoc where our van is waiting to take us back to real life in Cusco, and we arrive back just in time for lunch.





This package is an outline of how one trip may be like. Of course we can customize this trip to match your specific needs. We are flexible during the trek, so that we may make changes to the itinerary along the way if that suits you better. Contact us for more detailed information on options and we will work together on creating the perfect experience for you!

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