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We are passionate about nature, trekking, adventure and the rich Inka heritage of Perú. 
Our mission is to share this passion with you!
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Inka Power is a fully licensed travel agency that assists individuals and groups with planning activities and tours in Perú all year round.

We organize hiking tours, activity tours, day trips, longer tours around the country, family trips, accommodation, all sorts of celebrations - basically anything you can think of, so get creative or let us be creative for you! 


The tours are operated by Inka Power directly or teamed up with other accredited travel agencies of high professional standard. Our aim is to make your dream vacation 100% stress free.


We have nearly a decade of experience in the tourist industry. We will use our know-how to take you slightly off the beaten track, because we believe that enjoying Perú isn't about standing in line to take a selfie - it's about getting to know the history, the people, the culture and taking in the surroundings at your own time and with space around you. We take this very seriously, but not so seriously that you won't be laughing or smiling along the way.

Our trips are all about powerful knowledge and serious fun!

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