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Yoga & Stand Up Paddle Board
Explore the beautiful Andean lakes with our stand up paddleboard day tours. This activity is for those keen to paddle closer to the sky. We offer  half or full day activities in the hidden andean lagoons and rivers, where you can enjoy your time paddle boarding, swimming and our new Yoga and Stand Up Paddle.  For those just dipping their toe in the water, there are plenty of opportunities to try stand up paddle in this magical place Cusco. All ages and group sizes are invited for our paddle board day tours with or without previous experience- our yoga and SUP instructors will make sure that you have an unforgettable time with us.
Duration: half day 
(may be combined with other tours and treks)
Activity level: Easy to Moderate
Season: All year
Stand up paddleboard yoga tour

Find your center on the andean lakes  while on a stand-up paddleboard, honing your balancing skills with challenging yoga poses. Designed for those who have some yoga experience, this active exercise is a great way to enjoy andean  natural beauty while getting in a unique workout.
Meet your yoga intructor and spend the first part of your SUP yoga session going over basic stand-up paddleboarding techniques. Launch your board in shallow water and take some time to find your center of balance before taking a few test strokes and moving out into this magical Andean lake. 
Gather near your guide out on the water and follow them through stretches and poses, getting feedback along the way. Reach into the warrior pose, try out a headstand and lift your feet into crow pose. Work on your breathing techniques and enjoy the meditative environment. While you wait for your bbq enjoy the relaxing atmosphere and reflect on the Andean philosophies you have learned.
Start times - 9am, and 1pm

Andean Lake Tour
If you would like a more laid back SUP session, our Andean Lake tour is perfect for you! We paddle along the beautiful shores of the Huaypo Lake, checking out the amazing scenery and learning about the inka heritage. We relax, re-energize, soak up the beautiful andean rays and swim when you feel like it. Sound great? It is!
Start times - 9am, and 1pm     

This package is an outline of how one tour may be like. Of course we can customize this tour to match your specific needs. We are flexible during the tour, so that we may make changes to the itinerary along the way if that suits you better. Contact us for more detailed information on options and we will work together on creating the perfect experience for you!

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