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rainbow mountain
rainbow mountain inkapower peru
rainbow mountain inkapower
rainbow mountain inkapowerperu



Join us on a journey through an undiscovered land of wild desert landscapes, snow capped peaks, herds of alpaca, and arrive at the ultimate destination- The rainbow painted hills hidden deep in the Andes. The Rainbow Mountain is a result of the crashing and movement of tectonic plates that have created vertical ridges with this special triangular form over the past 24 mill years.
The different sediment rocks the mountain is made of (sandstone, halite, gravel, clay and other minerals) have different densities, and when they were pressed towards eachother a layered effect was created. Due to the altitude (5000 masl) vegetation is sparse, wind and weather continuously «polishes» the rock and it is left fully exposed to behold in all its beauty.
Duration: Full Day- 2:15am-7pm
Distance: 15km/ 9.3miles
Elevation: 4300m (14,200ft) - 5035m (16,520ft)
Activity level: Moderate to hard
Season: All year


Day 1 – Cusco – Rainbow mountain – Cusco

Your day starts in Cusco where you are picked up at 2:15 in the morning for a 3 hour trip via private van to the start of the trail. You will be given a hot breakfast upon arrival to fuel up for the hike ahead of you. The hike to the rainbow mountain will take around 3-4 hours, depending on your fitness level.


You will have snacks on top and take a well deserved break to soak up the vistas. After about an hour you will embark for your hike back to the trailhead (2.5-3 hours), where you will have an amazing lunch prepared by our private chef and depart back to Cusco arriving at your hotel around 7pm.




This package is an outline of how one trip may be like. Of course we can customize this trip to match your specific needs. We are flexible during the trek, so that we may make changes to the itinerary along the way if that suits you better. Contact us for more detailed information on options and we will work together on creating the perfect experience for you!

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