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Machu Picchu reopen to tourists on November 1st!!

Machu Picchu's long-awaited reopening to tourists is official. The exact date is November 1, as stated by the Machu Picchu Management Unit, the entity in charge of ensuring the sustainability and correct management of the archaeological and natural site in Cusco.

The culture sector's head reported that Machu Picchu will reopen to tourists on November 1 and confirmed that only 675 people a day would be allowed to visit the archaeological site, that is, 30% of its total capacity, as a preventive health measure to avoid the spread of COVID-19.

NEW RULES for visitors when Machu Picchu finally reopens will offer optimum conditions for exploring the ancient Inca citadel without the hustle and bustle of crowds as seen in recent years.

Social Distancing Rules at Machu Picchu

  • maximum of 75 visitors admitted per hour

  • up to 7 people per group (with or without a private guide)

  • spacing is 20 meters between groups

  • trains at 50% capacity

  • buses at 50% capacity

  • guided tours may be limited to 1 hour/20 minutes

reactivation of tourism in a gradual, responsible, and sustainable manner.

Can We Buy Entry Tickets to Machu Picchu?

Although the official government website is active, entry tickets are still not for sale. When tickets do go on sale, it will be for 2020 only. (Unless the website is revised) Machu Picchu entry tickets for the next travel season are usually made available on the official website each year in January. That's when they usually release new rules and announce changes. Because of covid-19, they already issued new rules and protocols for all visitors going to Machu Picchu whenever it does reopen. I've translated and listed the new rules for Machu Picchu visitors below.

When are Museums and Archaeological Sites Reopening in Peru?

Local tourism is cracking open slowly with the reopening of outdoor archaeological sites. Museums in Cusco, like Qoricancha Temple and Inca art museums, will reopen later. Beginning October 5, Sacsayhuaman, Qenco, Tambomachay, Pukapukara and Pisaq reopened for locals. Admission for locals is free until November 15.

Can we get Inca Trail permits?

Not at this time. The Peru government typically releases Inca Trail permits for the next year's hiking season in October. We'll let you know if they do. If Machu Picchu reopens to foreigners in November, can you get Inca Trail permits? We do not know yet because all government business offices are not fully operational. We're taking reservations for Inca Trail hikes in 2021. But we simply don't know if there's any way to hike the Inca Trail in November of December 2020.


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